About Dinner Rush

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Dinner Rush is a website where you can find everything you need to know about the restaurants and various eateries that offer the best corporate catering services.

Back in 2015, public housing manager Raymond Falkener was part of a team that was putting together a charity event to raise funds to aid people who lost it all in a hurricane. He found out just how important the catering services were and was amazed to see just how much detail went into getting everything ready and tasty for every attendee.

When he was doing the research to find the best company to hire for these services, he noticed just how many variables play important roles in choosing the right catering. It was then that, together with some coworkers, he created Dinner Rush, to express what they had learnt and help people all over the world reach the same success they had.

Today the website is dedicated to sharing the accurate, tried-and-tested tips to handle the catering needs for every kind of corporate event. Additionally, we have started working with professional chefs and event planners to create content that is more inventive and come up with creative solutions to frequent issues.

Our latest addition has been to include some alternative diet experts to help our readers navigate the world of catering for people who can’t or won’t eat conventional meals.

We are aiming to put together our catering company to offer the services we have learnt so much about, in the future. Through our reader’s feedback, we have received much encouragement to make this feat happen but for now, we will stay focused in learning and growing with the site.