How It Works Save Time and Money

1) Decide which meals you want

Browse through our Menu to decide which meals you'd like, and decide if you want a 5, 10, or 12 meal package. If you want a few extra meals they can be added to your order at a 'per meal' cost. You will choose your meals and meal package when you place your order.

2) Decide on a session date and time

Browse our Calendar to decide on the date and time that works best for you. Decide whether you would like to come in to the store and assemble your own meals in an assembly or drop-in session, pick up your meals, or have your meals delivered.

3) Place your order

Place your order online through our Calendar, or give us a call. If you are placing your order online through our calendar you will need to create a new account or login to your existing account, and then click on your desired session to start placing your order.

4) Obtain your meals

If you are doing your own in store assembly, when you arrive we will review the selections from your order and give you a brief orientation while you put on one of our aprons. We will guide you through the assembly process, and review our simple food handling procedures with you. You will go to your first recipe station which will have easy-to-follow assembly instructions, measuring utensils, and all the ingredients pre-chopped, diced and sliced to allow you to assemble with ease. You can adjust any ingredient to suit your family’s tastes, or leave it out completely. Once the assembly is complete you will attach a cooking instructions label, store your meal in our cooler and move on to your next station until all of your meals are completed. Don't forget to relax and have some fun while enjoying complimentary refreshments & friendly conversation along the way! At the end of your session, you will pack your meals into your own cooler to safely transport them home.


If you placed an order for pickup or delivery the Dinner Rush team will assemble your meal package for an additional fee. We can accommodate ingredient adjustments, or leave ingredients out completely. We can even convert full meals of 4-6 servings, into split meals of 2-3 servings (see our pricing page for split meal surcharges).
For pickup orders, just bring in your own cooler and we will load it up with your meals to take home.
For delivery orders, we will call you to arrange a delivery time. The ultimate time-saver.

5) Relax & Enjoy

Leave out the meals you’ll be serving for the next couple of days, and freeze the rest. Remove 1 or 2 meals at a time, and thaw for 24-48 hours in the refrigerator. As you use one, replace it with another one from the freezer. Your meals will be in the refrigerator and ready to cook at a moment’s notice.

Repeat monthly, or as needed.

Eating well just got easy!